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    Back Home Alone?
    Cozy will keep an eye on you!
    Start the timer and stop it once safe at destination.
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    Panic Situation?
    An Audio track recording what's around you
    and your GPS coordinates are saved and stored.
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    Real Time Alerts
    Your contacts are then alerted immediately
    by email, sms and push notifications.


Watches over you when you are alone. And automatically inform your contacts
through different types of notifications.

Watches over you

If you're on your way back home, a bit worried because you're alone, Cozy keeps an eye on you.

Countdown Timer

Activate the timer. If you don't stop it once safe at destination, the app alerts your contacts immediately. If you fell ok, just stop the countdown.

Panic Action

In case of trouble an audio track will be recorded. And your last gps position and address detected and stored.

Automatic Notifications

Your contacts are then notified automatically by sms, email and push notifications delivered directly to their phones.

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Privacy and Terms of Use

Please read the privacy policy and terms of use for this app. They are available inside the app as well. And have to be read and accepted to use the app. Please come back here to check if these information are updated.

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